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I want to install my flooring myself. Can I get a supply-only deal?
Of course! We can supply all of the accessories needed for installing wood or carpet floors as well as the main product, so that you can install them yourself if that is what you want to do. Laminate flooring especially is designed with the DIY enthusiast in mind. Contact us with your room measurements and the product you would like, and we will order and deliver it to your home.

We need a product that caters for people with allergies. Do you provide any?
Wood-type products are allergen friendly, as the closed joints between the boards prevent dust and dust mites settling, unlike carpets and other natural fibre-based floors. Whilst we do not provide allergen-free carpets, we can recommend carpet cleaning products that significantly reduce dust and other substances that cause allergic reactions.

Are your wood-based products environmentally friendly?
We only buy our supplies from manufacturers that harvest their raw materials responsibly. We are conscious of our impact on the environment and seek to reduce our negative footprints in every stage of the process, from manufacturing to installation.

In the future, could I paint my wooden floor?
You can paint hardwood floors in the future, although it usually looks best when the floor is stained and varnished or stained and oil-waxed. Please not that this does not apply to laminate flooring, as the look of the floor is achieved through a laminated image. It is best to consult us or the wood manufacturer first before beginning sanding and staining.

I need a load-bearing floor for my business. Do you supply these?
Load-bearing floors need to be a minimum of 18mm thick. We do not usually provide floors of this thickness, although in our 30 years of experience we have fitted load-bearing floors for a variety of companies. When a customer has a requirement that we are not usually asked to fulfil, we do not count it as a service we cannot provide. We are always looking to expand our supplier network, and will work with our customers to find a floor that meets our standards of quality and provides for the needs of the customer if we do not already have a supplier who manufactures the desired product.

My floor isn’t level, is that a problem?
We’d prefer to install our products onto a level floor. If your concrete is uneven you can solve the issue by using a self-levelling compound. We can assist with this.

I would like to have my floor run throughout the entirety of a floor. Do I have to have any breaks?
We would always recommend that you put in breaks in the floor in appropriate places. We know that for many customers this is an unattractive prospect, but as professionals we cannot help but recommend that you do. If you decide to go ahead without any breaks, you may want to be prepared to have to install breaks at a later date (and at an extra cost).

How much will my new floor cost?
It depends on the product you are buying. Vinyl and Laminate flooring is substantially cheaper than Hardwood, and the cost of carpets vary greatly depending on the style and quality. It also depends on how big the area is. For a fairly accurate estimate it is best to speak to a member of our team by either phoning us or using the contact form on the website.

Do you re-finish existing floors?
Unfortunately we do not. As things currently stand we only supply and fit floors.

 Will any adhesives used to secure the floor or carpet cause any health issues?
Not as far as we’re aware. If someone in your home is particularly sensitive to odours and fumes from adhesives then we recommend you keep the room well ventilated for a short period until the fumes have gone, but we haven’t heard of any health issues related to the installation of our floors.


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